The Gray Man arrives on Netflix and makes an adrenaline-packed thriller with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans

In a few hours, gray man Coming to Netflix After nearly a year of waiting. Directed by Brothers Joe and Anthony Russo (Avengers Endgame), the movie also has a bunch of luxury: Ryan GoslingAnd the Chris EvansAnd the Ann weapons s Reggie Jane Paige They are the heroes of this story. And with an impressive visual twist, this movie that combines drama, action, suspense, and even a little bit of excitement has it all to become a hit.

gray man It tells the story of Ryan Gosling’s character, Kurt Gentry, a cold-hearted ex-con before being recruited by Donald Fitzroy (Billy Bob Thornton) to work with them for the CIA. Gentry, dubbed Sierra Six, secures a police reform and is released from prison to begin his new duties. It is where you must perform the most secret and private missions of the intelligence agency. (spoiler summary).

However, one day everything changes and Fitzroy loses his position, which is then filled by a new president: Denny Carmichael. This character, played by Reggie Jean Page, is in charge of the agents and everything related to the CIA. So much so that, with new orders, Sierra Six has a mission to kill a “very bad guy” against the United States government. However, midway through the mission, he discovers something harmful to his new boss and must escape before Lloyd’s character, Chris Evans, one of the agency’s collaborators, discovers him and kills him.. (spoiler summary)

Thus begins a movie full of suspense, drama, action and adrenaline. gray man Specifically The Rousseau brothersI found the perfect formula to include this kind of genre in one story. This is what makes the feature film in particular one of the most attractive looking films released so far this year. Also, another great success for directors and screenwriters is to be able to start a story with such fluidity.

Well, it’s not just epic action scenes, but the scenarios that are the most successful for each scene. With great mastery, the production team managed to combine drama, comedy and black humor in each of the cast’s lines. In addition, the sound and level of production that appears in the film is an unprecedented sight. As is known, Netflix managed to tour several places in Europe to film this story Therefore, they made it the most expensive in its history.

So much so that every city in which the plot takes place managed to turn it into something unparalleled. However, the truth is that the show wouldn’t be the same without the great work of its cast. They are the ones who manage to lead one as a spectator to connect with their escape and their tours of the world. Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans make an excellent combination as hero and villain of the story.. In contrast, his work separately deserves admiration, especially that of Evans. Well, the actor was able to show his versatility, leaving behind the roles that marked him most like Captain America.

secondly, Regé-Jean Page also did a great job As far as interpretation is concerned. Of course, in order to learn more about his story, his character lacked a bit of development and there are certain aspects of his wrong decision making that are not fully understood. However, by this he showed that he is not only a heart, but can also give life to the villain.

At the same time, Ana de Armas shines again in this work. On more than one occasion, the actress has shown that she has the ability to embody any character, but with this character she has managed to at least exceed my expectations. She is not just a CIA agent, but she generates empathy, charisma, and passion when the viewer relates to the movie. Because even though his character is secondary, he manages to pinpoint this turning point in the protagonist that ends up being so unexpected.

However, it should be noted that not everything is great in gray man. The truth is that The Rousseau brothers Exceeded my expectations with the movie, but at one point it brought back memories of epic battles Avengers Endgame. Apparently, the directors, they couldn’t escape that mark marvel for this new movie. In fact, they may get a little overstated at times, but beyond that minimum of detail, the movie is well worth watching and enjoying over the weekend.

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