The health and well-being of the population is a priority: Martinez Garcia


Public Health Day begins which will end on November 16th

The influenza vaccine will be implemented until March 2022 in 546 health centers and CESSA

The recalled population is girls and boys over six months, under five years of age, 60 and over, and pregnant women.

TEHUACÁN, Pue. For the state government, it is a priority to ensure the health and well-being of minors, young people and the general population, said the Minister of Health, José Antonio Martinez Garcia, at the opening of the Second Congress of Public Health and from the introduction of influenza vaccination in the municipality of Tehuacan.

The official reported that during this process, with the slogan “Share today, this is for your health,” various measures will be implemented for the benefit of the people of Puebla and Puebla from this day until November 16, such as the application of biological materials. For complete vaccination schedules for: BCG, pentavalent, hepatitis B, DPT, rotavirus, conjugated pneumococcal and hexavalent, among others.

Also, hydration procedures will be carried out with the delivery of oral serum, deworming (population from 2 to 14 years old); In addition to discussions and workshops on how to prevent acute diarrheal diseases, acute respiratory infections and neonatal tetanus.

In this event, 5,521 workers from the entire health sector (IMSS, ISSSTE, ISSSTEP and Health Services) will participate. In addition, in 546 Level I medical units (between CESSA and health centers) of this agency, they will apply biologics to prevent seasonal influenza that occurs in the winter season; Girls and boys over six months of age but younger than five years of age, adults 60 and older, pregnant women and people with certain comorbidities can get this vaccine.

Martinez Garcia confirmed that the validity period for the application of the influenza vaccine is until March 2022, so it is scheduled to apply one million and 257 thousand doses in the state.

On this occasion, Azusina Rosas Tapia, Local Representative for the 22nd District and Chair of the State Congress Health Committee, emphasized that the actions, achievements and scope of the Public Health Conferences represent an effort by the state government and other institutions to grant equitable access to health services, as well as prioritize the health of all residents.

Rosas Tapia endorsed his commitment to continue actions in the interest of health and reiterated the call for free vaccination, as it is everyone’s right.

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