The Hispanics already know their opponents in the first stage of the World Cup in Poland and Sweden

The Spanish handball teamValid European runner-upyou will face teams Montenegro, Chile and Iran In the first stage of World Cup in Poland s Sweden 2023According to the lottery held on Saturday 2 July in the Polish city of Katowice. Chile, one of Spain’s rivals, is currently coached by Matteo Garalda of Borla.

The Spanish national team that was framed in group A, The first stage matches will be played in a Polish city Krakow.

In the event that the “Spaniards” who entered the lottery as workbookThe achievement of one of the top three places in the group will be measured in The second phasewhich will also be held in Krakow, with The top three places in group B, that make a difference France, Poland, Saudi Arabia and Slovenia.

The teams that achieved the first two places in the group will reach the quarter-finals to be held in the Polish city of Gdansk, which will also host one of the two semi-final matches.

In fact, the Spanish national team, who won bronze in the last World Cup in Egypt, will only travel to Sweden, the other host country of the tournament, in the event of the final match or the match for third place, which will be held in Stockholm.

The World Cup will take place in Poland and Sweden in four Polish cities – Krakow, Gdansk, Katowice and Blok – and in five Swedish cities – Stockholm, Gothenburg, Jönköping, Kristianstad and Malmö – from January 11-29, 2023.

Group A (Krakow / Poland)
Spain, Montenegro, Chile and Iran
Group B (Katowice / Poland)
France, Poland, Saudi Arabia and Slovenia
Group C (Gothenburg / Switzerland)
Sweden, Brazil, Africa 2, Uruguay
Group D (Kristianstad / SWE)
Iceland, Portugal, Hungary, and South Korea
Group E (Katowice / Poland)
Germany, Qatar, Serbia and Africa 5
Group F (Krakow / Poland)
Norway, North Macedonia, Argentina and the Netherlands
Group G (Jönkoping / SWE)
Africa 1, Croatia, Africa 3, and the United States
Group H (Malmo / Switzerland)
Denmark, Belgium, Bahrain and Africa 4

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