‘The Last Game’: A Netflix Documentary Filmed in Ushuaia

The The Netflix documentary “The Last Game” about global warming and its impact on ice hockey has begun filming in Ushuaianear Yamana bar and skate track.

with the presence of Two pros in the North American League NHL (National Hockey League) From Canada and the United StatesThere will be a demo match with local players as part of the Netflix production shoot.

One of them is the American athlete, Darius Casparitis, a former professional player who won three Olympic medals; The other is the Oxford University team captain, John McBain.

Ushuaia, which houses the only Olympic skating rink in South America, is one of eight cities around the world chosen to depict this problem.

In addition to the Carlos “Tachuela” Oyarzún Municipal Trail, over the weekend, the film crew took some shots at Laguna del Diablo Track, a natural site where sports and snow activities were historically practiced in the city. They also added some aerial shots of Ushuaia.

The documentary The Last Game deals with the consequences of global warming and climate change and how they affect places where natural ice is used as a stage for sports such as hockey in this case, although skating can also be included.

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