The manner of speaking to children has similar features in twenty-one cultures

The manner of speaking to children has similar features in twenty-one cultures

The grown ups Trend to Sound adjustment When they sing or talk to a Babyis what is known asbaby talk“It is believed to enhance communication. This rhythm and tone have similar traits in 21 cultures, so they may have a common and evolving function.

“Baby talk” or “baby talk” is more than that slow s sing a song It has been proven that it contains a file calming effect In children, suggesting that these sounds may also have a common function, but cross-cultural evidence for this is limited.

a study who publishes The nature of human behavior He collected 1,615 recordings of human speech and song from 21 cultures, both urban and rural, and applied computational analysis to study acoustic properties that distinguish pronunciation Aimed at adults and Children.

The authors found that vocal characteristics differed systematically between recordings directed at infants and adults. In the case of the first door bell was purer, songs Plus flexible The speech was higher in tone.

In the second phase, 51,065 people from 187 countries, speaking a variety of languages, were used to discover that listeners could more accurately guess when the pronunciation was directed at children than by chance.

The results contribute to understanding human speech and song and suggest that we change our voices toward it you drink The authors note “in a manner that is consistent across cultures, is widely recognizable and may have a common function.”

Children’s speech has already been the subject of various studies. An article published last year by Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science suggested that children prefer hearing this “language” directed specifically at them rather than that used by adults among themselves.

Speech to children has a slower rhythm in all languages, is more varied in pitch, and is more lively and playful.

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