The mayor of Philadelphia appears in a Real Madrid shirt to talk about the July 4th shooting

The mayor of Philadelphia appears in a Real Madrid shirt to talk about the July 4th shooting

The Shooting that rocked the Fourth of July celebration, Independence Day in the United States, the political conflict has increased between those who advocate control of arms sales and those who want to maintain the current “status quo”. Many characters have come out to condemn what happened, among them Jim Kennedymayor Philadelphiawho was surprised by the outfit he chose to speak to the media.

Kennedy, from Democratic Party And the mayor of Pennsylvania’s capital since 2016, he talked about the shooting in his city (which injured two police officers) Wearing a Real Madrid shirt. The politician expressed his anger at what happened in the harshest terms.

“This is madness. We are the most heavily armed country in the history of the world and one of the least secure. So, until the Americans decide they want to give up the guns and give up the opportunity to get them, we’re going to have this problem.”

When asked which Madrid kit was selected, Kenny explained that he went to the Spanish capital and enjoyed the city. “Madrid is great, I’ve been there recently and you can walk safely down the street at 1 am and…”he was explaining, just before he was cut short to ask if he was worried about security in World Cup 2026: Philadelphia is one of the stadiums.

“I worry every day. There is no event or day where I don’t lie on my back at night, stare at the ceiling and worry about things. So all we have in town for the last time is seven years and that worries me.” “I didn’t enjoy the Democratic National Convention. I didn’t enjoy the NFL Draft. I expect something bad to happen all the time. I will be happy when I am not here, when I am not mayor and can enjoy some things.”

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