The medical specialties that were chosen later

The medical specialties that were chosen later

Applicants to MIR 2022.

Although there is no official calendar yet Ministry of Healtharrive to Professional health training (FSE) goes back to the usual deadlines for this call, so expect a process ELECTION AND ALLOCATION OF MIR . PLACES It will start in April. Some specialties such as Plastic and reconstructive surgeryAnd dermatologyAnd cardiology or expected Forensic medicine and forensic medicineWe promise that it will be quickly picked up by the numbers of the first order. However, others may have to wait for their selection by applicants to begin, as happened in the last call.

The specialty he started giving later was on the last call Clinical Biochemistry, which had to wait until 4997 to be released in the process. However, the top prize in this field occurred with numbers 8757 in 2020 and 7528 in 2019, according to data from the Granada Medical Association.

The second The specialty he later took In his choice was Immunology, whose first prize corresponds to the applicant’s number 4334 in the last call. In 2020, the first place was chosen with 1,072 and 3,716 in 2019.

Clinical analysis The podium closes for the most recent first prize, debuting with number 4146. In 2020, he did so with candidate number 1803 and with 6011 in 2019.

Other Less Attractive Majors

nuclear medicine He had to wait until number 3,459 to award the top spot, while in 2020, he debuted with a title of 1,846 and with 3,382 in 2019. Microbiology and Parasitology It was next, giving first place to the doctor 3,294. In 2020, he was selected with 1,353 and 1,731 in 2019.

Allergist had to wait until 3076 for the first chapter. In 2020, it was order 3790 and 3.055 in 2019. Finally, Radiation oncology It was next on the list, giving first place to applicant with number 2864. In 2020, it debuted with number 2727 and with 2988 in 2019, according to data from the report led by Vicente Matas.

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