The newest and most popular shooter game on Ubisoft, free for a limited time

The latest version of the company’s best epics can now be tested for free.

Ubisoft It is a game development company The most important of all. With nearly 40 years of video game creation, they’ve made historical epics like Doctrine killer also Tom Clancy, among many other successes. Currently, The latest release in the most popular shooting game series can be tried for free for a limited time, and purchased at an incredible discount.

The newest and most popular shooter game on Ubisoft, free for a limited time

far cry 6 It’s the last installment of the epic far cry, the most famous series of shooters from the developed company. Currently, This sixth edition can be tested for free until next Sunday, August 7, 2022. Also, until that day too 60% off for all who want to buy the game and keep it forever. Those who make the purchase taking advantage of this offer will receive a discount on the next Ubisoft game they purchase. This feature will be available for PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC.

far cry 6

How is Far Cry 6, the great game from Ubisoft that is free for a limited time

The sixth installment in the open-world saga is the biggest ever and has been widely praised for its stunning graphics.. In it you will be embodied Daniel Rojas To participate in Revolution that takes place in Yara. there, Dictator subjecting the people to terrible oppressionfor this reason You will have to face his clan Along the shores of paradise, jungles and major cities of the region. with Hundreds of weapons, vehicles, objects and more, you must help Yara free herself from the fearsome dictator Castillo.

Far Cry 6 Free for a Limited Time


Far Cry 6 Free for a Limited Time

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