The plane took off from Seoul in 2023 and landed in San Francisco, still in 2022.

The plane left just before the start of the year and arrived in the US the previous afternoon. Photo: Reuters

if you like celebrate b The new year And you want to make it real more than once, it would be a good idea to take a trip across the ocean, since It gives you the chance to celebrate twiceas now it was the turn of United Airlines Flight UA858.

According to the portal Flightradar 24which tracks in real time flights around the world, passengers United Airlines took off from Incheon International Airportin Seoul, at 00:16 on Sunday, January 1, 2023, on board a Boeing 777-300ER, landing at San Francisco International Airport At 5:17 PM on Saturday, December 31, 2022.

Why do planes take off in 2023 and land in 2022?

Surely you have already heard that in other years some planes take off after the new year has begun and land when the previous year has not yet ended, and you may have wondered why.

Well, it’s really simple, as happened with UA858, which took off from Seoul, the capital South Koreajust started 2023, arrived in san francisco, United Statein the afternoon December 31, 2022.

And it is that everything comes down to time zones, because Asia, like Europe, has a much more advanced time than the American continent, so even with 10 hours flight timeit is possible to land earlier in the calendar.

This phenomenon can even be seen on many international flights throughout the year, where travelers land at their destination several hours short of their flight duration.

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