The priest rebukes the congregants for not buying him an expensive watch

a shepherd from Missouri Video captured While praying to worshipers For not buying an expensive watch from Movado brandIn the photos, the pastor looks very angry while scolding those present.

You can buy a Movado watch knowing I ordered one last year. It’s August already and I still don’t have it,” the pastor told his followers.

Movado watches cost between 300 and 3 thousand dollars (from 6 thousand to 60 thousand Mexican pesos).

local media They reported that several of the attendees argued that they did not have more money to give the pastor, which made the man even more angry against the attendees.

the video was Spread on Tiktok It quickly spread and generated a lot of comments.

Respect the shepherds of God,” Carlton Vonderbork told churchgoers.

The video was recorded on August 7 during the man’s usual sermon.

“Look, so I know you’re still poor, and you’re broke, you’re broke, and I’m disgusted with the way you’ve been honoring me,” said Vonderbork during the speech.

Am I not worth the money you spend at McDonald’s? Am I not worth the Red Lobster money?

This is how the priest apologizes after being exposed to a “balcon” in the video

After the video went viral, the pastor posted an apology in which he said everything had been misunderstood.

Carlton Funderbork He stressed that this video does not reflect his heart or his feelings.


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