The reason why Javier Alarcón did not accompany the Peruvian Bermúdez

The reason why Javier Alarcón did not accompany the Peruvian Bermúdez

The 2022 Qatar World Cup will be ‘Peru’ Bermúdez’s farewell as the narrator, at least when it comes to the World Cup, and for that reason, TUDN took on the task of bringing him together with his old acquaintances with whom he shared microphones all the time. His career and in the face of the match between Mexico and Ecuador, Bermúdez’s special guest was Javier Alarcón.


Peruvian Bermúdez and Javier Alarcon reunite

The former head of the sports department of Televisa Deportes, which later became TDN and is now TUDN, was part of the guest group to accompany “Perro” In the friendly matches between Mexico and the United States with Jorge Pietrasanta, However, the now head of sports at Imagen Televisión had to disembark at the last minute.

Through his Twitter account, Alarcon announced that he will not be able to travel to Chicago, Where is the match between Mexico and Ecuador?Because he tested positive for COVID, he was not able to board the flight to meet “Perro” Bermúdez and fortunately the symptoms are not serious.

Dear “Perro” Bermúdez, Travel to Chicago tested positive. Very mild symptoms. Thank you TUD. Don’t stop inviting me for the next visit, or what do we do? Alarcon shared, who enclosed the testimony.

What will happen to Javier Alarcon?

TUDN has been great with Javier Alarcón, so the reunion remains in the plans for the friendly match against Paraguay, on August 31.

They have already brought my schedule back to the end of August. In Atlanta, against Paraguay. I see you there Enrique Bermudez, “ general.

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