The study showed that video games do not affect well-being

The video game They are a form of entertainment It is consumed by about 3000 million people in the world. In addition to being an ideal break-up situation, Help socialization and cooperation. Today, we can enjoy it anytime and anywhere, which has raised concerns that it will affect the mental health of those who enjoy it, even forcing political bodies to make decisions to reduce consumption.

But the truth is that video games bring great benefits, including speeding up response time, enhancing teamwork or stimulating creativity, focus and visual memory. Already in 2020, Professor Andrew Przybylski led a study analyzing video games It is positively correlated with well-beingconcluding that it affects Positive for mental health of people, regulating their use can Keep these benefits for players. Now, recent work by Oxford University, published in The Royal Society, has been able to conclude that It does not conflict with well-being.

Benefits in the short and medium term

Two years into his first studies on video games and wellbeing, Przybylski Re-analyzed at Oxford Universitythis side for the sake of mastery Contribute to policy makers, health professionals and game developersKeys to how this affects the players’ well-being.

To do this, they analyzed 38,935 players to estimate The causal effects of video games on well-being: The extent to which the amount of play (the average number of daily playing hours over two weeks) affects the well-being of the players.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Apex Legends, Eve Online or Gran Turismo Sport were some of the games that served as a study, with active players selected as participants. During the study, participants were asked to report how often they experienced six positive and negative emotions on a scale from never to always.

The results showed that the motivation TRUEfruit Enjoy something by doing itAnd the It had a very positive effect in wellness. secondly, Results Obtained in the game, no motivation externalaffected negative to me Affection and contentment with life.

Although both outcomes are different, it is possible that the effect of time spent playing video games on well-being is Too small to be noticed in person. This is a topic that has yet to be explored because this study was only able to analyze 7 game titles, just scratching the surface of the video game world. For future studies, it is necessary to consider the situations, motivations, and contexts in which people play.

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