The titles of two graduates of the UAGro Medical School Grupo Milenio have been revoked

The titles of two graduates of the UAGro Medical School Grupo Milenio have been revoked

Address of the Faculty of Medicine Guerrero Autonomous University (UAGro) Request to invalidate professional test records for graduates Luciano Cruz Morales and Eric Rene Millan, because they were not approved and wrongly considered in this way.

The information was provided by the Director of the Faculty of Medicine, Jose Alvarez Chavez, who asked the Directorate of School Administration of the Higher House of Studies, Invalidating the professional examination records of Cruz Morales and Rene Millan.

According to the available information, the case is unprecedented not only in the faculty of reference, but also in the institution

The procedure was approved because graduates did not pass the professional exam, but due to a data capture error, certificates were issued as if they had passed.

Alvarez Chávez reported that he was In the early days of May, the College began reviewing the professional examination recordsso that when the violation is found, the corresponding note is made.

He pointed out that the former medical students had taken the theoretical and practical vocational exam on the same day, June 30 of last year, but did not pass it.

He indicated that the error is being investigated in the families, because it was recorded in an inexplicable way in the minutes they agreed upon.

He explained that the investigation began when it became known that Luciano Cruz had a document stating that he had passed the exam, which has raised suspicions since then. As a student, he failed 9 of the major subjects for his medical degree.

He proved that it was impossible for them to pass the difficult theoretical-practical exam for all subjects in one exam, so on revision they confirmed that, in fact, neither Luciano nor Eric Rene passed it.

In a statement issued on Sunday evening, it is indicated that the actions taken by postgraduate students after the evaluation are incorrect, as the The following is the revocation of their professional titles in Bachelor of Medicine.

The measures will come into force at the UAGro and at the Directorate of Professions of the Federal Government.


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