The touch between Lando Norris and Checo Pérez, which sparked controversy at the Austrian Formula 1 Grand Prix

The touch between Lando Norris and Checo Pérez, which sparked controversy at the Austrian Formula 1 Grand Prix
Checo Pérez lost seven places after trying a risky pass against Lando Norris

In the fourth round of Austrian Formula 1 Grand Prix There has been controversy over the touch between Lando Norris (McLaren) and Sergio Chico Perez (Red Bull). It was after the reboot through the initial neutralization to pull Alps from Esteban Ocon, which was confused, when the Mexican tried to beat the English and both competed for second place.

The Azteca He was outside and when they reached a bend to the right, a touch was created between them where Perez He stepped on Lika’s bed and hurt himself. He was able to continue racing, but fell back to 10th place. For the maneuver, the Briton received a five-second penalty. The scale of the Sports Commissioners was not good Country Who shot the radio?What do you expect from someone who wants to pass you outside“.

There is growing controversy because of what happened because the English did not leave the Mexican without evidence and the result was due to the heat of the fighting. Lando served that punishment when he stopped a pit. When he got back on the track, he lost second place. He managed to finish third after a good race.


Saturday after qualifying, Perez He made a statement anticipating his maneuver:Hopefully this time I can pass it (to Norris) on the first lap. He played a great role. Unbelievable how strong they are at McLaren, they failed to achieve poleIt’s been very competitive since last week. Tomorrow we hope they win their place soon so we can make good progress in the race.”

However, in the 41st round, Perez fought for eighth place with Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) and the sports commissioners considered that the Mexican left Monaco without a clue and Punish him for five seconds.

Leclerc then went on to beat Perez again, but he couldn’t make it and the competition authorities deemed the Aztecs wrong and applied another five seconds of the penalty.

(Photo: Twitter @ F1)
(Photo: Twitter @ F1)

Czech The race finished sixth and Leclerc finished ninth. Both were champions in the battle for the first places.

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