The United States accuses Cuba of portraying it as the bad boy in the debate over the Summit of the Americas

The United States accuses Cuba of portraying it as the bad boy in the debate over the Summit of the Americas

Possible boycott of the June 6-10 summit by a growing number of leaders, including the Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorThe risk of embarrassing Biden, who will host the meeting in Los Angeles, has increased.

The White House said it had not yet sent out invitations and declined to provide details. However, a senior State Department official said in April that CubaAnd Nicaragua s VenezuelaThey are likely to be excluded because they have not shown respect for democracy.

After weeks of criticism from Cuba, Mr. President Miguel Diaz-Canel He told parliamentarians on Monday via Twitter that “everyone committed to hosting the Western Hemisphere meeting must have the ability and courage to listen to everyone, from the Arctic to Patagonia. A country that is unable to accommodate everyone is not qualified to act as a host.

“Cubans love this, and they get the attention they get for not coming and they keep saying the same thing,” Hanan said.

“By highlighting us and calling us bad guys, they are avoiding the repression they are actively practicing against their own people,” he added, citing the crackdown on street protests last July. “They want the press to worry about whether or not we invite them to the top. Hypocrisy works well in the media.”

This week, the Biden administration announced a partial reversal of the restrictions imposed under the former president. Donald Trump On transfers and travel to the island that was ruled by the communists. Cuba’s deputy foreign minister on Wednesday described US policy toward the island as an ongoing “hostility” and an “economic blockade.”

Lopez Obrador said last week that he would not attend the summit if Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela were not invited. his bolivian counterpart, Louis Arsconfirmed the same.

It is also possible that the Brazilian president, Jair BolsonaroSources told Reuters that the meeting did not attend, without specifying the reason. Guatemalan president, Alexander GiamattiOn Tuesday, he said he would not attend, a day after the United States criticized the attorney general’s re-election that it linked to corruption.

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