The United States and Taiwan are negotiating a trade agreement

United States and Taiwan I started talks future official trade agreement. This was reported on Wednesday by the Office of the Trade Representative of the Government of United State.

The agency explained in a statement that it plans to hold the first round of talks next fall, and that the agenda includes removing barriers to trade, as well as encouraging small and medium enterprises (SMEs). In addition, he is thinking of promoting agricultural exchange and giving more importance to e-commerce.

It is worth noting that the visit of the President of the House of Representatives United StateNancy Pelosi to Taiwan earlier this month created strong political tension between Beijing and Washington.

In June, the parties announced the initiative United States – Taiwan At 21st Century Trade, just days after the administration of President Joe Biden excluded the island claimed by China from its Asia-focused economic plan designed to counter Beijing’s growing influence.

Deputy Trade Representative of United StateSarah Bianchi in a statement.

The document did not mention the possibility of a comprehensive free trade agreement, which is something Taiwan was looking.

Washington, despite having no formal diplomatic relations, wanted to strengthen its support for TaiwanEspecially as the region faces increasing political pressure from China to accept its claims to sovereignty.

Tensions over Nancy Pelosi’s visit

Government China Last Friday, August 5, it announced that it would impose Penalties against Nancy Pelosi and his immediate family, due to his recent visit to an island Taiwan.

In response to harmful and provocative actions PelosiAnd the China decided to impose sanctions on Pelosi A Foreign Ministry spokesman said in a statement that his “family.”

In the same document, China condemn

Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan
He stressed that the US official “undermines the sovereignty and integrity of the Asian state,” in addition to “threatening peace and stability in the Nile River strait.” Taiwan”.

With information from Reuters

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