The United States, Indonesia and France achieve their place in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in team shooting – Marca Claro


The Men’s teams from the United States, Indonesia and France took home the three tickets distributed in the qualifying rounds for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Compete at the Stade de Charletti in Paris.

The The US team won the gold by defeating Indonesia, who took the silver, 5-3 in the final. Meanwhile, France snatched the bronze by beating Ukraine 6-0 In the duel for third place.

America is near perfection and dangles from gold

Big favorite The United States made the predictions right and got the gold medal With great performances from Brady Ellison, Jack Williams and Jacob Wookie afterwards beat Indonesia in four sets 5-3, Accompanied by Riao Salsabella, Arif Pangestu and Alvianto Bagas Prastiadi.

Indonesia Dio Batala, The first set tied 54-54, fell in the second by 57-52 and took the third set heavily 56-55, Leave the definition for the last round, where The US had only two nine-point shares and the rest was perfect to add 58 units, Which can not match the Indonesians who scored only 55 points

On his way to the end The United States beat Spain 6-2 in the quarter-finals and France 6-0 in the semi-finals, While Indonesia beat Italy 5-1 and Ukraine 6-0 in the quarter-finals and semi-finals, Straight.

Hosts struggle but get bronze and final pass for Tokyo 2020

The host team consists of Jean-Charles Valladonte, Pierre Plehon and Thomas Cherault beat Mexico’s representative in the quarter-finals 5-3, Already in the semi-finals they fell to an overwhelming team from the United States won 6-0, which complicates their way to the Olympic championship, where they had to face Ukraine in a duel for third place.

The Ukrainians will reach the third-place duel, after beating Malaysia 6-2 in the quarter-finals, However, in the semi-finals they lost 6-0 to Indonesia.

a) yes, In the duel for third place, the Gaul team beat the bronze medal with a score of 6-0, and, by the way, got the last ticket to the Olympics.

Due to the conditions (weather) we didn’t leave our focus in the competition, we didn’t have much to lose towards Tokyo, but now we have the medal and the pass‘, crossed Jean-Charles Valladonte after receiving his Tokyo 2020 entry ticket.

It should be noted that The duels for the medal had to be postponed for 45 minutes, due to the heavy rain and wind that were present at Stade Charléty.

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