The United States Soccer Federation has confirmed that the women’s team will win the same as the men’s team | viral | RMMD | Sports

historical event. The US Soccer Federation has reached an agreement with a group of players, after filing a lawsuit, so that the women’s team will earn the same as the men’s, the two parties announced Tuesday in a joint statement.

American football is committed to providing the same compensation to the men’s and women’s national teams in all friendlies and tournaments, including the World Cup, going forward.They are detailed in the agreement sent to AFP.

A total of 28 players from the US women’s team, the world champions in France in 2019, have filed a class action lawsuit against the discriminatory policy of the NFL.

The agreement seeks to end the demands initiated by this group of players and provides for a total of $24 million, of which $22 million is distributed to the women’s team players. In addition, the application of the terms of the agreement is subject to ratification of a collective agreement between the players of the national team and the federation.

The issue of these bonuses was a major part of the lawsuit brought by the US women’s team in 2019, and in particular the lawsuit brought by star Megan Rapinoe, accusing the union of “absolutely refusing” to pay its players fairly.

“When we win, everyone wins”, Megan Rapinoe said on her Twitter page after the deal was announced.

It should be noted that the idea of ​​equalizing the salary dates back to months. Cindy Barlow Kohn, the president of US Soccer, a former international player on the national team, said in September that she hopes to “coordinate” World Cup rewards for men’s and women’s national teams, with the goal of resolving a rift between the establishment and soccer players.

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