The United States warned Maduro against returning to dialogue with the opposition because “the opportunity will not last forever.”

Nicolas Maduro (EFE)

The United States warned the Nicolas Maduro regime that the opportunity to return to dialogue with the Venezuelan opposition “will not last forever”, in a new call for a return to the negotiation process that was taking place in Mexico.

I want the regime to return to the negotiating table to end the multiple crises”, as noted by the US ambassador to Venezuela, James Storey, in a video posted on the networks.

Stakeholders can discuss relief from sanctions or humanitarian assistance by making markedly irreversible progress toward democracy. This opportunity will not be available forever“, he added.

In this sense, he reiterated the possibility of reducing the punitive measures applied against the regime, “as long as the democratic path is resumed in the country.”

The diplomat also referred to the criminal charges against Alex Saab, which have been extradited to the United States and which have been identified as Maduro’s character. According to him, “they have nothing to do with the negotiations”, but what he described as “excuses” for Maduro’s demands to achieve his release.

In addition, he made clear that the Colombian businessman’s judicial process is an issue in which the White House and State Department do not interfere.

“We have been invited more than once to go back to Mexico because it is absolutely clear that justice must be strengthened in Venezuela, but we in the executive branch do not have the power to change judicial decisions, and that is how it should work. Mr. Saab faces justice and there we will see“, He expressed.

Talks in Mexico were suspended in October.

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