The UVM Campus in Saltillo will receive a medical degree accredited by Comamem

The UVM Campus in Saltillo will receive a medical degree accredited by Comamem

Saltillo Campus of University of the Valley of Mexico (UVM) It will become the first private institution in the entity to hold a medical degree accredited by Mexican Council for Accreditation of Medical Education (Comamem).

besides UVM Saltillo Efforts to belong to the Global Directory of Universities have begun with a MBBS degree, which would represent international recognition.

“This result, once we receive accreditation, will position us as the first private medical school in the entire state of Coahuila to be accredited by clean meRodolfo Luna Wallis, President of the University UVM Saltillo.

The accreditation process lasts between three to four years, and the academic institution is in the final stage of the process after meeting the quality standards and receiving the virtual visit of the council in February.

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In the coming months clean me Will come in person Saltillo Campus To finish assessments and award final certification.

“to UVM Academic quality is very important. When we talk about racing Health sciencesspecifically Bachelor of MedicineTraining these new professionals is a huge responsibility. Dr. Carlos Oviedo, Director of the College of Health Sciences, emphasized that our students deserve to be trained at the highest quality because the future of health in our country will be in their hands.

It also reported that 95.24 percent of medical students in UVM Saltillo Has passed the General Graduate Examination (EGEL) applied by Ceneval, which is a number well above the national average for previous years, which is between 50 and 55 percent.

Campus-wide, 84 percent of professional students have passed the EGEL exam, rector Rodolfo Luna Wallis noted.

10 new races

UVM Saltillo Abraham Perez, Director of Campus Admissions, has announced the opening of 10 positions for the next academic year beginning in August, for which students are already enrolled.

it’s about Communication, Digital Media, Education, International Relations, Business, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Public Accounting and Finance, Design and Graphic Communication, Mechatronics Engineering with a focus on Automotive, Computer systems engineering, nutrition and psychology.

UVM Admissions Director Saltillo noted that “the link that different areas of the campus also create with businesses helps students get a job bank and later find their first job in a very good company with very good pay,” Abraham Perez said.

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