The visa program progresses to the United States with notification of those who have been selected


The U.S. Embassy in Quito Confirmed that, as of Saturday May 8, 2021, Ecuadorians who participated in Diversity Visa Program 2022 They will be able to verify if their entry has been selected.

With the participant’s status checked online, through the web ( participants will get Information How to order Diversity Visa (DV) For themselves and their eligible family members. In turn, the administration will confirm appointments for the visa interviews.

The confirmation number is the only way to verify your selection for a program And obtaining information about an appointment, if specified, the embassy added, warning that “applicants should be careful with false notifications that seek to defraud them.”

The Department of State, specifically, You will never send emails, text messages, or make phone calls For targeted individuals, so if someone offers to speed up the process or guarantee results for money, it should be treated as a scam.

Participants must memorize confirmation number Until at least September 30, 2022.

The embassy clarified that “choosing randomly as specified does not guarantee that you will obtain a visa,” but that “choosing simply means you Eligible to apply for the DVIf you qualify, you may be issued a DV.

In addition, diversity visa applicants must pay all fees Application fees and costs, Including medical checks, for themselves and their family members who are eligible.

People who are lost or rescheduled Visa application dates And the statement warned that without all the required documents, they risk not having the visa number available.

Immigrants under the DV program must also demonstrate that they will be able to support themselves United State, Since immigration under the DV program does not give the immigrant or family members any financial aid or settlement assistance in that country.

Each year, the Diversity Visa Program provides up to 55,000 diverse visas, among all eligible countries.

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