The Yankees return to their winning ways in baseball

The Yankees return to their winning ways in baseball

After two days without a victory, the New York team beat the Cleveland Guardians twice on Saturday 13-4, 6-1.

In Game 1, Gerrit Cole gave up two creeps in a row but made six strong innings for the Yankees.

Cole (7-2) dumped his teammates against Josh Naylor and Franmel Reyes in the second half before settling. The right-hander gave one more hit and hit six.

For the Yankees, Matt Carpenter hit his teammates — second behind Ernie Clement in ninth — and drove in four runs, and David John “DJ” Limaheu Homer added solo on rookie Kirk McCarty (0-2).

In the second challenge, Anthony Rizzo and Giancarlo Stanton hit back-to-back teammates, and Nestor Cortes (7-3) maintained Cleveland’s superb strokes for six runs in the penalty area to take the 6-1 win.

Cortes allowed a first-half home run to extend Rosario and missed one game on three strokes while scoring three, including three for Guardians star Jose Ramirez.

Francisco Mejia attended twice, Isaac Paredes took three hits and five RBIs, and the Tampa Bay Matarias won Saturday against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Rays won the first game 6-2 and scored nearly twice as many kicks per second to take the 11-5 win.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr hit a solo player, his 19th this season, and Bradley Zimmer added two more runs in Game 2, but they couldn’t stop Toronto losing two heads at home for the first time in five this season. Campaign.

Freddy Freeman, Will Smith and Justin Turner scored over seven fields in the first half, Tyler Anderson scored six and the Los Angeles Dodgers reasserted their dominance over the San Diego Padres by beating them 7-2 on Saturday.

Freeman, Smith and Turner beat their fellow singles from Padres Kateb U Darvish (7-4). For the third time this season, the three players have arrived in one round.

For the winners, Anderson (9-1) allowed a one-on-six run and hit six in 6 1/3 innings to become the third NL pitcher to hit at least nine strokes.

Luke Voit has two hits, including Homer solo in the eighth inning for the Padres, who has lost three straight and six of the last seven.

Friday results:

Tampa Bay Rays – Toronto Blue Jays 6-2 (Game 1).

Tampa Bay Rays – Monday Jays (Game 2) 11-5 (Game 2).

New York Yankees – Cleveland Guardians 13-4 (Game 1).

New York Yankees – Cleveland Guardians 6-1 (Match 2).

Baltimore Orioles 3-4 Minnesota Twins.

St. Louis Cardinals 7-6 Philadelphia Phillies.

Chicago White Sox 5-3 San Francisco Giants.

Miami Marlins 5-3 Washington Nationals.

Milwaukee Brewers 4-7 Pittsburgh Pirates.

Los Angeles Angels – Houston Astros 1-9.

Kansas City Royals 3-4 Detroit Tigers.

Oakland Athletics – Seattle Mariners 1-2.

Texas Rangers – New York Mets 7-3.

Atlanta Braves – Cincinnati Reds 4-1.

Boston Red Sox – Chicago Cubs 1-3.

San Diego Padres – Los Angeles Dodgers 2-7.

Arizona Diamondbacks – Colorado Rockies 7-11.


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