They are offering a sack of 104,000 pesos to Puebla in fiscal year 2022


The state government expected Puebla to have a briefcase with it 104 thousand and 94 million pesos For the 2022 fiscal year, the union contributed 92 percent of said resources and 8 percent via local pooling.

This was a requirement Maria Teresa Castro CorroHead of the State Ministry of Planning and Finance (SPF), who conducted an analysis of the draft Federation Expenditure Budget (PPEF) for the 2022 fiscal year, raising 95 thousand 937.3 million pesos for Puebla through federal resources.

The official explained that the House of Representatives has until October 15 to determine the amount that corresponds to each federal entity and once it becomes official the state government will start preparing an initiative Income Law for the fiscal year 2022, in order to send it to the local Congress before November 15.

He emphasized that Puebla could get 44 thousand 562.9 million pesos through Branch 28 or Participations, which are resources that are delivered to all countries through formulas calculated with different indicators, without there being a way to adjust them through personal or governmental actions.

Castro stated that the federation would send 45,354 million pesos to the SPF to be implemented through it specific actions, as they are already classified for federal or municipal programs, as described in Section 33.

“They are distributed with 45 thousand and 354 million pesos and they are resources described and implemented by the Ministry of Finance, and in this sense, the 28th branch is called Puebla for 44 thousand and 562.9 million pesos, which is equivalent to 89 thousand and 917.4 million pesos, 8.2% higher than the year The former, which will be managed by the Ministry of Finance.

Added to this are the other amounts that the entity will receive through Branch 33, such as the Multiple Contribution Fund and the Public Safety Contribution Fund (FASP), calculated at 864.7 million pesos and 261 million pesos, respectively.

In addition, the agreement signed by the state government and the Institute of Health and Welfare (Insabi) is expected to provide Puebla with another 4 thousand 782.4 million pesos.

The Secretary of Planning and Finance added that a bag of 8 billion pesos will be added to this budget, an amount that Puebla will collect thanks to The payment that taxpayers pay for their local taxes, such as replacement or payroll tax (ISN), totaling 104,94 million pesos for the 2022 fiscal year.

He confirmed that Puebla already had a portfolio of 1.5 billion pesos planned to pay salaries and grant resources to municipalities in the first month of 2022, in case the union was late in allocating resources.


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