They arrested an Argentine in the US who stole $10,000 and credit cards during a trip to Miami

Argentine tourist arrested in the United States Accused of stealing cash and credit cards from two passengers on a direct flight from Buenos Aires to Miami on American Airlines. The arrest was made thanks to a crew alert that denounced the strange behavior of the man identified as Radio Diego Sebastian Radio during flight.

The suspect has already been arrested US Customs and Border Patrol Upon landing on Flight 900, which departed from Ezeiza last Tuesday, July 5th. Security searched her clothes and bags until they found the money inside a handbag. And the radio confirmed, during the investigation, that all the money was taken during the trip, according to the media. Daily Mayto.

Excerpts from the document of the open case in the United States against broadcastingArch

the man. He is 29 years old. He stole $10,732 and $14,320 and two credit cards in the name of two different passengers.. The crew on board commented that he “was walking and sometimes sat in a seat that was not carrying what appeared to be a women’s handbag”. This was “suspicious behaviour” for a flight from that distance.

The accused will face trial in Florida.Although the event took place in international waters.

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