They control the fires that burned homes in the Honduran Caribbean – UNO TV


Firefighting teams got control of a fire that burned on Saturday 90 homes and affected 120 other homes on a tourist island Guanaja, in the Honduran Caribbean, authorities reported.

“He. SheYou have 100% control of this fire.” The head of the government’s Permanent Emergency Committee (KOPICO), Max Gonzalez, said at a press conference.

In the videos broadcast by local media, you can see the stricken area, Where there were still plumes of smoke.

Gonzalez reported that, according to the initial report, “90 homes were destroyed, 120 were damaged (…)” and three were injured. He added that about 2,500 residents were directly affected by the damage to the buildings.

Authorities reported that at least 90 homes were left unrecoverable. Photo: Reuters

“We set up two refuges,” in a school and a church, and “They are working on humanitarian aid, which will arrive very soon on the island” for those affected, he declared.

“My solidarity is with you, brothers from Guanaja. We will not leave you alone,” President Juan Orlando Hernandez tweeted.

The fire started in the early hours of the morning for reasons that have not yet been determined. in beachfront homes and quickly spread to other homes and businesses, according to fire officials.

In videos uploaded to social networks, dozens of homes and businesses were destroyed by fire, while neighborsWith the help of the police, they took the beds, furniture and few belongings Before the fire reached them, according to videos circulating on the networks.

The armed forces indicated Who arranged five planes and six ships For “evacuation and support work” for the islanders.

The Honduran Presidency mentioned in Statement that 400 people have been evacuated.

Guanaja, with an area of ​​19 square kilometers, and whose 6,000 residents live mainly from tourism, is one of the three largest tourist attractions in the Gulf Islands. The others are Roatan and Itila.

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