They issue an invitation for the Science and Technology Prize in Queretaro

They issue an invitation for the Science and Technology Prize in Queretaro

Maxley Moreno

Issue an Invitation for the Award for Science, Technology and Innovation of the State of Queretaro; Seeking to get to know Path of researchers and developers of technology and knowledge of the state.

so commented Director of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Autonomous University of Queretaro, José Guadalupe Gómez.

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The Awards will be divided into Three different categories:

  • Path through professional research and development
  • Researchers who have contributed to the production of scientific or technological innovation projects
  • Scientific papers developed by undergraduate students

Every prize will have Economic wage From 150 thousand pesos for first place; 75 thousand pesos per second s 40 thousand pesos for third place.

also, The fourth and fifth places will receive honorable mention.

The The call was posted on Concyteq It will be open until August 31 To receive the latest orders.

The The award ceremony is expected for the month of Octoberbut this will depend on The agenda of the state’s governor, Mauricio Cory Gonzalez.

The Director General of the Queretaro State Science and Technology Council; Enrique Rabel Garcia he said that he Science, Technology and Innovation Award included in State development plan for the current administrationto promote the development of science.

reported that The papers will be classified by scientists Among these institutions:

  • National Autonomous University of Queretaro
  • Autonomous University of Queretaro
  • Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute
  • Polytechnic University of San Juan del Rio
  • Polytechnic University of Santa Rosa Georgia
  • In addition to the National Electoral Institute of the State of Queretaro

Based on The general law on electoral institutions and procedures and the local election lawproves that the resource is intended for him Promotion of science and technology.

The IEEQ Consultant, Maria Pérez Cepeda He said that funding for the award will come from Fines that are deducted from political parties.

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