They offer a reward of 30,000 pesos to those who return school supplies from a medical student in Pachuca

Pachuca. – A resident of Pachuca Hidalgo identified as Siegfrido Rivera offered a reward of 30,000 pesoswho stole notebooks, work files and computers from his son, who is studying medicine.

Via social media, he posted a message where he announced it He had stopped his car In the center of Pachuca, on Ignacio Zaragoza Street, in Unity, he said, there were study materials for his son.

He stressed, “Maybe the value of what he stole is not important at this time, they took his bag, his study notebooks, his medical tools, computers, and work files representing a class.”

He warned that there will not be any kind of legal action only Plans to restore work material to a young student He offered her 30 thousand pesos.

“Just think of what it means to a student so many nights, days, and months that one day you receive medical attention from someone who took your work tools, and you give your job back to someone who just wants to be a great doctor.

He expressed his regret that after seven o’clock in the afternoon, there is no security in the streets of downtown Pachuca, as he denounced the damage caused to many families by thefts that were registered without the authorities assuming their responsibilities.

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