They prepare drones to rescue dogs trapped in front of lava from the volcano in La Palma


Since last week, four dogs have been quarantined in a pond in Toddock, palm (Spain) due to the fall of lava from volcano vega comber.

According to El País, the local drone company “Ticom Soluciones” responded to the call of neighbors, who asked for help for the animals because they were abandoned and had no food.

This is how Ticom and Volcanic Life managed to grab it Food and water by light drones. However, time is running out for the pets, and now a third company can help them get them out of the puddles.

“It’s an unprecedented maneuver, that hasn’t been done in the world before, but it either is or you let them die,” said Jaime Pereira, the company’s chief executive.

For rescue, they will use a drone that is eight feet in diameter and can support up to 24kg of weight. “The capture system is the most complex,” Pereira says.

In addition, they will use networks and two drones for surveillance. “If there was a problem, we planned a rapid release system to bring the animal back to Earth,” he says.

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It should be noted that the UAV was the heroine of the eruption of a volcano Volcano in La Palma. With these devices, it became possible to help scientists, emergency services and the media.

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