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Marine biologists are expected to identify the types of jellyfish that have been photographed in Papua New Guinea. | Photo: Internet.

A diver captured on video Strange jellyfish in the waters of Papua New Guinea, It is, according to experts, a new species that is not yet known.

The discovery occurred in December 2021 Dorian Borchardsa professional diver and owner of the diving company Scuba Ventures, was diving with a client off the Pacific Coast.

I saw a new kind of Jellyfish while diving. She has some great marks, she’s a little bit bigger than a football and she swims really fast.” Borchard told local media.

Because of the amazing appearance of the specimen, Borchard He asked his daughter in South Africa to help identify him.

“I thought it was interesting because I had never seen one of these before, so I sent it in [el video] For my daughter, who downloaded an app from Jellyfish. So, he uploaded the footage and within half an hour he had a very excited jellyfish expert on the phone from Tasmania.”

It was Specialist Lisa Ann Gershwin, of the Australian Naval Advisory Service, who initially thought so Videotaped jellyfish It is the same jellyfish captured in the Great Barrier Reef in May 1997, which was described in 2005 and named Chirodectes maculatus.

However, after analyzing Dorian Borchards’ video and comparing both samples, the expert concluded that the pictured sample belonged to Jellyfish species not yet knownSo far, the expert plans to describe the sample in a peer-reviewed article.

Video footage of the specimen found in 1997 on the Great Barrier Reef. | Photo: Queensland Museum.

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