“They want to stop our development”: Putin confirms that Russia is ready to face new sanctions from the West

“They want to stop our development”: Putin confirms that Russia is ready to face new sanctions from the West


Feb 21 2022 01:36 GMT

The Russian president noted that the only way to counter these “unlawful restrictions” is to “strengthen ourselves from the inside”, especially in the field of the economy, through import substitution.

Russian President Vladimir Putin denounce On Friday, anti-Russian rhetoric escalated to Western countries, which threaten to impose sanctions on Moscow in the event of the alleged Russian invasion of Ukraine, and considered that possible punitive measures will be imposed against the country regardless of the development of the situation in the neighboring country.

Sanctions will be imposed Whatever the case. If today there is an excuse, for example, related to the events in Ukraine, or if it does not exist, they will find it, because Another goal. “The goal is to stop the development of Russia and Belarus, in this case,” Putin said after meeting with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko. And in pursuit of this goal they will always find reason to impose some illegitimate or other restriction, it is nothing more than a unfair competition“, he added.

The Russian president considers this kind of pressure in the form of sanctions “totally illegitimate”. “he is Serious violation of international lawWho is he talking about now? [las sanciones] “They only care when it is useful to them, and when it is not, they gladly forget about all forms of public international law,” Putin said, stressing that this is something everyone understands “totally”.

“Unfortunately, we have lived in this form for many years because people are in power today They consider themselves the owners of lifeThey interpret everything for their own benefit and ignore the interests of others.”

“Reinforcement from within”

In this context, the Russian President stressed that the only way to counter this practice is to “get stronger from within”, especially in the field of economy. Putin also specified that Russia is ready to face pressure thanks to the many efforts it has made in this direction in the past eight years in the form of import substitutioncountry mission Accomplish 90% Accomplish. He stressed that “we still have a lot to do, and this is called raising the level of economic sovereignty.”

Meanwhile, he noted, most countries facing such restrictions, including some US allies, simply “take on” the situation without trying to change it. “But, as I said many years ago, no one likes this: no secondary penalties, no direct pressure in the form of penalties. Sooner or later This abscess will, of course, burst‘, he finished.

This Wednesday, the Russian Finance Minister, Anton Siluanov, announced, repeat That Moscow has a financial shield to protect the country’s economy in the event of new sanctions. We have a financial “shield” in the form of gold and foreign exchange reserves, a low level of public debt, a surplus and a base (budget). There is a certain wall“This constitutes an obstacle to sanctions in Russia,” the minister said.

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