This is how the music video for “Wapae” was recorded by Tekashi 6ix9ine and Lenier Mesa in Uganda.

This is how the music video for “Wapae” was recorded by Tekashi 6ix9ine and Lenier Mesa in Uganda.

tekashi 6ix9ine He returned to music in style. forward “living legend”Sentimental song with Linear table for any of them He traveled to Cuba to record his video.

But the surprises don’t stop there because he was fired just a few weeks later “Wapae”a catchy song that once again had the Cuban singer on which Dominican Angel Dior and Bulin 47 also collaborated.

For the music video for this song, which promises to be a big hit this summer, the controversial rapper traveled to the Dominican Republic and also to Uganda, where he didn’t have all the resources he would have liked to record. However, this did not stop him from achieving his goal and he shot the scenes with an iPhone.

In order to encourage other artists to pursue their dreams, the translator of “Gooba” shared made by me From the “Wapae” video where he appears with his phone in his hand A community in Uganda records a crowd of childrenSay hello to everyone and let us know what the process of creating this video was like, which is sweeping Youtube.

With this very special clip, Daniel Hernandez shows us a piece of what was hidden behind the camera when he recorded this video, showing that there is amazing work and effort behind this music video for “Wapae”.

A small rundown of how I shot and edited the entire “Wapae” video, all with an iPhone in just one day, he begins by explaining in the description.

He added, before thanking the fans, children from Uganda who participated in the video and showed their love for him during his short visit to the African country.

In addition to Uganda, many photos were also taken in the Dominican Republic, as can be seen in the music video.

“Wapae” surpassed 5 million views on YouTube just days after its premiere. Haven’t watched the video yet? Don’t wait any longer to enjoy it!

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