This is the hidden surprise in the invitation to Apple’s event to present iPhone 14

Apple has Send invitations to the event Show new iPhone 14 s Apple Watch Series 8. Some invitations which, as they have become familiar, contain a Funny Augmented Reality Animation. The most curious animator, this time around.

Far Away: A Window to the Universe

With the suggestive title of Far Out, which we understand as A play on words between wonderful and wonderful and something or take us awayApple invites us to the most anticipated presentation of the year. An online presentation with a face-to-face part in which we definitely get more than a surprise.

At the same call we can zoom in on the distant galaxy. A galaxy shaped like an apple! as we can See the video belowThe invitation opens a kind of entrance through which we can see the Apple logo formed by the stars in the universe.

Let’s remember that, as on other occasions, we can access this animation Access from iPhone to Apple’s events page Then click on the invitation image. Then we just have to point the camera at an empty space so we can move around and get close to the portal that appears in front of us.

The truth is that it is difficult to say which of the latest invitations was the most exciting, but this invitation, perhaps due to the excitement of a nearby event, is among the top candidates. At Applesfera we will be at this event, so that we can tell you all the news directly and in detail. Watch out for everything to come.

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