This is what the interface of the Pegasus spyware program looks like

This is what the interface of the Pegasus spyware program looks like

Pegasus is a spyware program that more talk in the past months. However, it has always been a mystery, and so far we haven’t seen anything of its interface. In fact, and despite the fact that many thought it was nothing more than a command line, the truth is that it has a full interface, with buttons to activate things like a microphone or a camera. Nor, They did not put much effort into designing their interface to be friendly and attractive.

If we take a look at the supposed screenshots of Pegasus, the truth is that they are irreparably reminiscent of the user interfaces used in a series like CSI. Yes, those who allow it Zoom To a picture and see details that are miles away from the topic.

Good looking design Late night pirate movie Which only needs lines of code to fall into the purest Matrix style… or the 2002 Nero version. However, other than the interface design, the interesting thing about Pegasus screenshots is It is to know the capabilities of the program directlyAnd, most importantly, what it is capable of. All-in-one iOS spy device in a panel with many buttons and very easy to use, based on its filtered interface.

Pegasus: The Swiss Army Knife for Spies That Looks Like Messenger Plus

Yes, Pegasus is capable of doing everything when it comes to spying: from viewing the content of WhatsApp messages to activating the camera to spying on the owner’s surroundings. all with click. The simplest is impossible.

The screenshots you can see above appeared as a result of an investigative report from the financial publication calculator About the possible illegal use of Pegasus by the police inside Israel. Depending on the interface details (whose version is unknown or if it is the one currently in use), it allows:

  • Activate the phone’s microphone to hear the voice of the owner and anyone with him.
  • Activate the phone’s camera to take snapshots of the surroundings.
  • Listen to the captured recordings of incoming and outgoing phone calls.
  • Read text messages.
  • Read WhatsApp messages.

The screenshots show the wide range of tools the police intend to use once the device is infected. One of the images shows WhatsApp messages from a certain “John Doe”. With a woman recognizable by name. The woman was a sales manager at NSO, so in addition to demonstrating the capacity of the system, she also demonstrated affiliation with the company, as described in a report by Ha’aretz.

However, this must be taken into account NSO has many different versions of Pegasus, It is not clear if this version has been used outside of Israel, but it is consistent with the widely reported potential of a version used within the United States.

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