Three different types of squats to intensify butt and leg workout

Three different types of squats to intensify butt and leg workout

The Squatting It is one of the most popular exercises in the world when it comes to leg work, especially when it comes to training the quadriceps.

Since there are so many different variants of this exercise, it is a lot of comfort to know these three so that you can stimulate your muscles in different ways depending on what works best for you.

Squat cup, to emphasize the legs

In the Centadella Cup, Or cup squat, we’ll shift the load forward compared to a traditional squat squat, so that The stimulus will move toward the elbow of the knee, reducing some gluteal involvement Doing excercise.

We’ll have to keep kettlebell Or the dumbbell we use for exercise, because if we move it further away from our body, our lumbar region will have to support a larger arm at the moment, and it is very likely that we will end up hurting ourselves or our performance will be limited.

So, If we want to emphasize working the quadriceps muscles, a good way to do so is to choose this type of squat., Although you should bear in mind that it will not be as easy to advance with it as it is in conventional squats.

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Squat, for a more comprehensive exercise

The Centadella above It’s a movement widely practiced at CrossFit due to its integral nature, and this workout not only involves the legs and core to a great extent but also clearly includes the upper body in the workout, not just a little bit.

This exercise requires a lot of strength in the trapezius and shoulders, which will of course be the limiting factor in the exercise., But this nonetheless will allow us to include a large amount of muscle mass in the movement.

Although it is a complex movement to learn, implement and improve, it is also true that it can become a very useful exercise if we have a little bit of time And we want a much bigger global stimulus.

Specifically, the Gluteus It can also be a bit more stimulating because it will have to be activated in order for us to remain stable, which is it Keeping the tape over your head will require extra stability On a part of our whole body.

ATG squat, for larger work of glutes

although Hip thrust It is a much better exercise than squatting for glutes, yes that There are some variants, such as ATG, that can improve activation of this muscle Compared to traditional squatting.

In the squatting ATG Our main goal is to increase the depth we reach when bending the knee. We will try to lower our bodies as far as possible even Gluteus Practically in contact with the ground.

Of course, this movement is very complex and requires a lot of movement in the ankles, knees and hips, so it is not for everyone, but of course if you are interested in increasing the activation of the muscles of the buttocks in this exercise, then increasing the depth can be a very effective thing.

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