Three IES from DC participate in ‘II Science Fair’


Junta de Castilla y León organized, through the Center for Teacher Training and Educational Innovation in Syria and with the participation of the science teachers team, the “Second Science Fair”, which on this occasion bears the title “Syria Institutes with Science”.

The “Science Fair” has been integrated into the training activities programmed by the Center for Teacher Training and Educational Innovation in Syria for the 2020-2021 academic year, which is called “Ciencio, so I am there”.

In this second edition, with the aim of adapting to the health context, students record the scientific activities that have been carried out, which can be seen on a channel “Syria Science Institutes” on YouTube.

The opening will take place next Monday, April 26, at 10:00 in the morning, with the intervention of a video conference in which the Director of Regional Education, Javier Barrio, intervenes.

The secondary education centers IES Antonio Machado, IES Castilla and IES Virgen del Espino will collaborate on the event. It is expected that 130 students of various educational levels will participate, accompanied by eight teachers.

The main objective of this exhibition is to reveal the scientific activities carried out by students during this academic year, preferring to spread scientific culture.

Through this form of publication, the goal is to facilitate a population approach to different scientific disciplines. In the students’ work can be seen experiences of physics and chemistry, biographies of scientists from Castilla y León, as well as presentations of plants and architecture that can be found at the Alameda de Cervantes.

In addition, many interactive activities have been developed that can be undertaken by anyone who wishes and which can be accessed from the description section of the YouTube channel videos.

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