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finish Tango Cup In the facilities of CeNARD, the most important competition in Latin America for modified table tennis.

The event was attended by table tennis players from Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Cuba and other athletes from around the world, as the tournament is open and adds points to qualify for the World Cup. Among them were representatives from England, France and Uganda.

There were riocuartenses Veronica white s Maximilian Medinaand mouldense Martin Seely. The former won medals for the Argentine delegation in his Category 3 competitions.

Blanco won alongside Cuba Yanelis Silva In the women’s doubles, while she took bronze in the singles, she fell right in front of her doubles partner. Meanwhile, Medina took the bronze in the men’s singles.

For Medina, it was a 3-1 win over Argentine Orlando Neto, while he lost to France’s Yorick Adjal 3-0. In the semi-finals, he lost to Brazilian Fabio Silva 3-0.

Maximiliano Medina won the bronze medal in the men’s singles competition.

For her part, in the singles tournament, Blanco could not face the Brazilian-Thai Fraga Severo, who she defeated 11-4, 11-6, 11-7. In the second match, Riocuartense defeated Peruvian Shirley Aguilar La Rosa 11-4, 11-5, 11-2. In the semi-finals, Cuban Silva defeated Blanco 11-6, 11-4, 13-11.

Meanwhile, the doubles table was in Blanco and Silva’s favour. First, they beat the Brazilian duo Fraga Severo and Giuliana Ferreira da Silva 3-1, then the Argentine duo Constanza Garrone and Naila Coel 3-1, and finally the Peruvian duo Aguilar La Rosa along with Chilean Amendra Ortiz 3-0.

Cuban Yanellis Silva and Veronica Blanco at the Women’s Tango Cup Doubles.

After his performance in Buenos Aires, Blanco spoke with touch sports: “The balance was very positive after all I was training for. Finishing this way is what you would expect.”

About the duet with Cuban Silva, Blanco said: “The truth is that we get along very well. I’ve been playing table tennis for 20 years and it helped me play a quiet game“.

The table tennis player highlighted the organization of the Tango Cup and the possibility of facing foreign athletes again: “The organization was amazing at CeNARD. This year was very special, and after the pandemic one wanted to have a tournament in which other countries participate.“.

Veronica Blanco in action during Cuba Tango.

The next thing for Blanco is to rest after spending one of the most important tournaments on the calendar: “We will take a week off and then we will think about the next goals and all that we have to improve. These tournaments are good for thinking about upcoming competitions‘, concluded the riocuartense.

Photos: Kindness Veronica Blanco
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