To the teacher with love – El Sol de Mexico

To the teacher with love – El Sol de Mexico

Being a teacher is one profession that means having a formidable career. It requires absolute and unconditional dedication, in the service of those students to whom knowledge will be imparted. 24 hours a day is not enough to cover all the obligations of the teaching profession, which involves exhaustion that is difficult to bear.

The teachers are underpaid, and those who are associated with the union struggle to keep the places they can reach with great effort. In Mexico and in many other countries of the world, starting with the United States, there is such a strong emigration, that our neighbor to the north is asking for foreigners who are encouraged to go to fill many vacancies.

His day was celebrated, and as a crazy habit, Al-Talatwani came out to throw one of his unbearable lists, while the Minister of Education announced that poor mentors would receive a 7.5 percent raise.

From the verbal diarrhea of ​​’flour’, the explicit order in relation to the ‘new contents’ of the education emerged. He said they don’t want students who know how to make bombs, but they are “brothers innovators, teachers who teach students who will be brothers of good citizens.” “That trunk is a humanity-oriented formation.”

The vile demagogy of this verbiage can be summed up in a few words: it wants “dogmatically receptive” individuals who undoubtedly, like sheep, obey official lines. This is evident in the new textbooks, where the outdated leftist ideology of its maker, SEP’s current content director, Marx Arriaga, is transparent.

The friend of the “first lady”, who is responsible for detailing it, according to the interviews and his statements – in addition to the substance – is an extremist figure, from the ideology of that far left who never understood it. Times have changed and the Berlin Wall has fallen. On the contrary, his positions are comparable to those of Soviet Putin, Díaz-Canel – because Raul Castro was more open than the current Cuban dictator – or an ignorant Maduro or a criminal like Nicaragua Ortega.

These little dictators and their outdated ways of thinking are imitated by trying to reform academic plans and programmes, without a head or a tail. Teachers, of course, are not consulted at all, and the current union leader is ignored and used as little more than a figurehead.

AMLO put the education minister in the corrupt hands, Delfina Gómez, who was convicted of taking part of her salary from her staff – when she was mayor of Texcoco -, ironically, for helping to form the Morena party.

What example could it be for teaching ethics, having SEP in the hands of a criminal? But since the priest of the palace forgave her and marked her with his affection, her sins were erased.

In addition to being corrupt, the teacher is completely clueless, which is only a shame to think that she holds the position through which huge national glories have passed.

Little should be celebrated by true educators, in the plight of being in the hands of ignorance, demagogy and rhetoric of a sort of cult priest, oblivious to what knowledge means for the development of any country.

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