Today all the Earth’s resources will be exhausted by 2022

Today all the Earth’s resources will be exhausted by 2022

Mexico City- Humanity on July 28 exhausted all of its available biological resources by 2022, according to the Global Footprint Network. This date is known as Land Bypass Day or Land Bypass Day.

It is the time of year when the demand for nature’s resources exceeds the planet’s ability to replenish them in 12 months.

The event was brought forward one day compared to 2021, having occurred last year on July 29.

In order to provide the natural resources that people demand in one year, 1.75 planet Earths would be necessary.

Gustavo Manrique, Ecuador’s Minister of Environment, Water and Environmental Transition, warned during the event to announce this date, “Earth Transcend Day shows that the current system of production and consumption is incompatible with the intention of continuing to live on this planet.”

According to the Global Footprint Network, halving the world’s food waste would delay the event by 13 days, while improving urban cycling infrastructure around the world could delay it by nine days.

He adds that cost-competitive wind power production, such as in Germany and Denmark, has the potential to cover history for at least 10 days.

This is how the date is calculated

The Global Footprint Network divides the amount of natural resources the Earth can generate in one year (biological capacity) by humanity’s demand for these resources in one year (environmental footprint). This result is multiplied by 365, as it is the number of days in a year.

Currently, people use 74 percent of more resources than the planet can regenerate.

The Ecuadorean Ministry warned that “the planet we live in has exhausted its available environmental resources because we have used everything that nature gave us and started living at the expense of the earth. We have spent more than we have spent.”

It is also calculated when some countries are or will exhaust their resources. In 2022, Qatar was the first to do so on February 10. Mexico, according to the Global Footprint Network, will do so on August 31.

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