Top 10 states for retirement in the United States

Top 10 states for retirement in the United States

Retirement is a stage of life in which those who have worked hard year after year decide to stop working and finally achieve complete calm after retiring from work.

There are people who plan in advance for that moment when they get rid of their old lives and move to a place that will allow them to fully relax. Financial services company Bankrate has compiled a list of the best and worst states in the country for this.

To do this, five factors affecting the quality of life of a person planning to have more tranquility were taken into account: affordability, luxury, culture, climate, and crime.

Inflation versus home prices. Although inflation in June-July fell from 9.1% to 8.5%, those percentages in the US are still the highest in 40 years.

This is why housing prices remain so expensive. So the affordability was on the order of 40%; In second place, well-being was rated at 20%, culture and diversity at 15%, climate at 15%, and crime at 10%.

Top 10 states for retirement according to Bankrate

  1. Florida
  2. Georgia
  3. Michigan
  4. Ohio
  5. Missouri
  6. Kentucky
  7. Texas
  8. Tennessee
  9. Pennsylvania
  10. South Dakota

The 10 Worst Retirements According to Bankrate

  1. Washington
  2. Hawaii
  3. Connecticut
  4. Maryland
  5. Vermont
  6. mountain
  7. New Mexico
  8. California
  9. who
  10. Alaska

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