Training of medical personnel to deal with monkeypox

Training of medical personnel to deal with monkeypox

Mexico City. – With the aim of strengthening the strategy of care and prevention against monkeypox in Mexico, experts from institutions in the health sector held an online “information session on monkeypox in Mexico” for medical professionals.

During the open talk, the Director of Epidemiological Surveillance of Infectious Diseases at the General Directorate of Epidemiology, Santa Elizabeth Ceballos Lessiga, presented the epidemiological panorama in Mexico, and reported that the recorded cases occurred mostly in men.

He explained that as of August 1, 2022, 236 cases of what is also called monkeypox have been reported, of which 91 have been confirmed, and one case has been confirmed in the United States by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. , with a history of residence in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, during her ineffective transition period. While 50 cases were studied, 95 were ignored.

The official indicated that no deaths were recorded and cases of infection were confirmed in 15 states of the republic.

The Director-General of the National Center for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control (Censida), Alethse de la Torre Rosas, called for the integration of a working group involving 16 institutions, which generates useful information for health workers. .

He stressed that the mechanisms of transmission known so far include close contact with a person infected with the virus, skin-to-skin contact or sexual contact, and inhalation of respiratory droplets from people in the infectious period.

The Head of Nursing at the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), Fabiana Maribel Zepeda, called on medical workers and citizens to maintain the prevention measures that have been in place since the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, such as disinfection of surfaces, correct use of face masks and hand hygiene.

The Director General of Health Promotion, Ricardo Cortes Alcala, has detailed the content of the official page on monkeypox,, a useful tool for finding in one place essential information for health professionals. Health and people interested in the subject, including the guide to medical care, epidemiological notifications and technical reports issued by the Ministry of Health.

In the virtual session, dermatologist at the Salvador Zuberan National Institute of Medical and Nutritional Sciences (INCMNSZ), Carla Michel Gatica Torres, presented the clinical development of monkeypox lesions and how to recognize them in medical practice, as well as the importance of differential diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases.

In addition to the meeting, which was coordinated by Censida and the Directorate General for Health Promotion, experts from the Institute for Security and Social Services for State Employees (Isste), as well as community leaders, also participated.

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