Travel News from Spain India: Covshield receives two doses: reopens for Spanish; UAE allows residence permit holders to return

Travel News from Spain India: Covshield receives two doses: reopens for Spanish;  UAE allows residence permit holders to return
New Delhi: Get ready to say hi! How do Spain It reopened for fully vaccinated Indians, that is, passengers receiving two doses. kufshield Vaccine and not cofaxine – starting on Monday (August 2).
Travelers must have a second piercing at least 14 days before planning their trip to Spain.
What is more, The United Arab Emirates From Thursday (5 August), two in the UAE will be able to obtain valid residence permits to return to the country from India and five other countries.
Airlines are asking UAE officials to clarify whether holders of UAE-recognised Jabs residence permits (including Govshield) in India are eligible to travel from Thursday.
“While this relaxation will not help UAE permit holders who obtained Covshield in India, the availability of jobs in the UAE will allow them to resume travel to India through this section, where they can return to India,” he said. Flight officer.
While restrictions on travel from India to the UAE remain, the list of those exempted has been expanded.
From Thursday (August 5), some other units from India will be allowed to return to the UAE, regardless of vaccine status. This includes healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses and technicians working in the UAE; Students and people working in the education sector in the United Arab Emirates; Valid residence permit and humanitarian cases working in government agencies there.
The national emergency crisis of the United Arab Emirates and Disaster Management Authority On Tuesday, he tweeted (translated): “Announcing the exclusion of new categories of travelers from certain countries, including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Nigeria and Uganda until August 5.”
The United Arab Emirates, the largest international destination for Indian travelers, has imposed restrictions since late April due to the government disaster. These apply at least until August 7, 2021.
“This is a growing situation and this date (7 August) must be extended as per the government’s orders,” the union’s website says.
Until the August 5 relaxation, only certain sections of the UAE, such as diplomats, official delegates and golden havens, will be able to move there.
Meanwhile, PLS International says of Spain: “We have resumed accepting all visa requirements for Spain from August 2. Initially, only the Delhi and Nepal centers are accepting applications. Applicants must be fully vaccinated before entering Spain, otherwise they will be rejected by Airlines or immigration officials.
Also, if you are traveling with Schengen visaThey will be required to present the correct certificate of vaccination to enter Spain and must comply with all health requirements imposed by Spain. The vaccine must be approved European Union And from. (Covshield is approved by Spain, but Kovacsin is not yet available.) Watch this for more information Web pageBLS website says.

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