Two of Trump’s lawyers abandoned him before impeachment


After more than a week from the second start Isolation Against the former president Donald TrumpLocal media reported that two of his principal attorneys had withdrawn from the team.

CNN reported that Butch Bowers and Deborah Barbier are no longer part of the group.

The Executor later reported that Josh Howard, Johnny Jacir, and Greg Harris were no longer involved in the process. A person familiar with the exits told the enforcer that Trump wanted lawyers to argue that there was a file Electoral fraud Massive and that they stole the elections instead of focusing on the legality of convicting a president after he leaves office.

Trump was not receptive to discussions about how to proceed in this regard. The attorneys received no advance payment and no letter of intent was signed.

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“The efforts by Democrats to remove a president who has already left office are completely unconstitutional and very bad for our country. In fact, 45 senators have already voted it unconstitutional. Our legal team will be integrated shortly.

Majority Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer said Friday that the impeachment trial will begin in the Senate in the second week of February.

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Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives for a second time on January 13, a week before he leaves office. This time, he was singled out for rooting supporters in the January 6 capture of the Capitol. The chaos that broke out that day left people dead and shocked the country and the world.

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