UCAM gathers 30 diplomatic representatives to defend indigenous peoples in Congress – Murcia News

UCAM gathers 30 diplomatic representatives to defend indigenous peoples in Congress – Murcia News

UCAM’s 21st International Day of Philanthropy and Volunteerism

UCAM gathers 30 diplomatic representatives to defend indigenous peoples in Congress

This event was held to celebrate the International Decade of Indigenous Languages ​​and the 400th Anniversary of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples

Madrid, 02/28/2022

The Catholic University of Murcia and the Parliamentary Committee on International Cooperation held, today, Monday, in the Ernst Loch Chamber of the Chamber of Deputies, a meeting for the defense of indigenous peoples and evangelization, within the framework of the twenty-first day of the International Days of Charity and Volunteerism. from UCAM. During this law, nearly thirty representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Spain spoke, who in their interventions demanded the protection of hundreds of indigenous languages ​​in their countries as a cultural medium for their inhabitants. Many students who were displaced from the UCAM campuses in Murcia and Cartagena attended.

Monsignor Bernardito Cleopas, the Apostolic Nuncio of the Pope in Spain, participated in this law, who valued the decision, more than 500 years ago, that “indigenous languages ​​were the medium of evangelization” adding that “today we recognize the work that missionaries do in spreading the faith.” He concluded, “I am so happy with this initiative that UCAM has had to promote the spirit of charity, which is the center of our faith.”

Pablo Plesa, Vice President for International Relations and Communication at the University of California, expressed satisfaction that “USAM is today at the heart of national sovereignty, promoting dialogue among peoples, the ecumenical movement and peace.” En esta línea se ha expresado Antonio Alcaraz, vicerrector de Extensión Universitaria de la Católicay organizador de las Jornadas, destacando que “reflexionamos sobre el crecimiento y el desarrollo de los pueblos y la solidaridad entre las naciones imp las naciones” peace”.

“The Catholic University has done very important work in international cooperation and in the defense of indigenous peoples, so I am honored to take part in this” act, Gabriel Alorriaga, Second Vice-President of the Parliamentary Committee on International Cooperation for Development emphasized.

During the ceremony, initiatives implemented in the field of cooperation from three different fields were presented. “We work in our chair so that equality of people and therefore of opportunities is achieved through training,” emphasized Maria Jesus Bonilla, Director of the International Chair of Women, Business and Sport at the Catholic University. Likewise, Manuel Pardo, Vice Dean of the Bachelor’s Degree in Podiatry, and Victor Messiger, Director of the International Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, presented UCAM’s international collaboration projects in Uganda and the Amazon.

Many UCAM students attended this event. On their behalf, the results of the work carried out at these conferences were read by students Marta Sanmartin, Degree in Psychology, and Salome Lopez, Physiotherapist, highlighting the need to preserve people’s dignity and traditions, defend languages ​​as heritage and wealth for humanity as a whole and to engage developing peoples in their own mission of integral human development.

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