Uganda sticks arrive this Sunday in Medinashili

Uganda sticks arrive this Sunday in Medinashili

On Sunday, August 14, the DEARTE Contemporary Foundation in Medinaceli, along with the Foundation ‘Music to Save Souls’, are organizing a show of African dance and rhythm by a group of Ugandan dancers ‘The Ugandan Sticks’. A colorful folklore of his country for an alto gallon audience. The event, which will take place at 10 p.m., will raise funds for the work “Music to Save Lives” is doing at an orphanage in the Ugandan town of Kirika.

The Ducal Palace in Medinaceli will see a performance by ten indigenous dancers from Uganda, who bring with them the sound of their ancestors. In a style known as “African Contemporary,” the performers dance to their own African drums and rhythms, varying between slow motion and unbridled movements. Their faith, joy, customs, and land are valued in their tribal dances. A pure African show that has been a hit in all the places they have performed and is now in the Alto Gallon thanks to DEARTE.

The Music to Save Lives Foundation uses the proceeds from this type of performance to fund its mission in Uganda. There, in the town of Kirika, they run an orphanage where they take care of dozens of children and educate them to provide them with a future. Tickets can actually be purchased at the Ducal Palace of Medinaceli, in Plaza Mayor No. 4, and can now be booked through phone numbers 975326498 or 628 79 16 10; Or by e-mail, write to [email protected].

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In addition, the DEARTE Foundation launched Solidarity Class 0 through the Caja Rural de Soria account number ES62 3017 0240 8622 0457 0523, where all those interested in supporting the “Music to Save Lives” cause can now make their donations.

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