Ugandan government distances itself from Ugandan judge who voted against resolution measures for Israel – El Financiero

Ugandan government distances itself from Ugandan judge who voted against resolution measures for Israel – El Financiero

he Ugandan government This Saturday, he expressed his opinion Disagreeing with the vote of Ugandan judge Julia SibutendeWhich included his vote against an International Court of Justice ruling issued on Friday urging Israel to take action to prevent genocide in the occupied Palestinian territories. Gaza strip.

“The government makes this categorically clear The position adopted by Judge Sibutinde is individual and independent, as happens with other judges and in accordance with Article 2 of the Statute of the International Court of Justice. So, Your opinion in no way reflects the position of the Government of the Republic of UgandaThe Ugandan government confirmed in a statement.

The Ugandan executive took the opportunity to praise the decision and recall its official position crediting Israeli military attack And attacks against Palestinian population in the West Bank.

For this reason, he made a new appeal for an “immediate” halt to the Israeli military offensive, and to enable humanitarian aid and humanitarian access. Rebuilding schools and hospitals.

Moreover, he expressed his disapproval Forced transfer and deportation of civilians Remember, this is a serious violation of the Geneva Conventions.

In recent weeks, senior Israeli ministers have presented proposals to transfer Palestinian residents from Gaza.

After the conflict broke out last October, thousands of Gazans were forced to move from northern to southern Gaza, which was called the “safe zone” although it is now bombed by Israel. Now, the Palestinian population of Gaza is concentrated in the southern region of the Strip.

Meanwhile, Israeli National Security Minister Ben Gvir presented a plan for Palestinian migration to other countries. Bezalel Smotrich, Minister of Finance, called for the establishment of settlements for Israeli settlers in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli government even said there were talks with Congo to send Palestinians there.

The Israeli bombings and attacks on Gaza 26,083 Palestinians killedMany of them are girls, boys and women. In addition, there are about 64 thousand wounded, amid a serious crisis due to the shortage of hospitals that were destroyed, and which are also operating without access to medicines and anesthesia.

Who is the Ugandan judge who voted against measures to prevent Palestinian genocide?

A panel of 17 judges at the International Criminal Court voted on Friday to reject South Africa's complaint, which stated that Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip constitute acts of genocide.

Thus, the highest court in the United Nations issued its orders to Israel to avoid genocide and seek to protect the lives of Palestinians, after more than 26 thousand people were killed in continuous bombing.

Of the six approved measures that Israel must adhere to, the vast majority received 15 votes in favor and one or two votes against them.

The dissenting votes were cast by Aharon Barak (Harry Kubrick), a Lithuanian-born lawyer who served as Chief Justice of Israel's Supreme Court from 1995 to 2006.

Judge Julia Sibutende of Uganda also voted against several measures.

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