Ugandan presidential candidate in 2021, Robert Kigolani, shouts that EU and US monitors will not attend


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Bobby Wayne, Ugandan presidential candidate

Uganda’s opposition presidential candidate has not sounded the alarm, saying that less than 24 hours before the country’s elections, US observers are getting accreditation.

On Thursday, January 13, Uganda Bibo went to vote in the presidential and parliamentary elections, but the main opposition presidential candidate, Robert Kigolani Sentamu, better known as Bobby Wine, said for the first time that de Gument “refused the EU invitation”. Union mission to help. Electoral Observation ”, and now we also do not reject American accreditation.

Oga Wine yan dis one wey im do for Twitter post in response to a tweet announcement by the US ambassador to Uganda said that Uganda had decided to defer over 75% of its daily accreditation request without deciding to “not monitor”, in the elections.

Meanwhile, the Special Rapporteur on freedom of association does not express concern about major reports that internet shutdowns and access to social media platforms have been blocked as State Day prepares for general elections.

“Access to information and communication tools is essential for fair, transparent and peaceful elections,” says Di Join bodi.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, in a military jacket-clad TV address on Tuesday night, said he had ordered its closure, accusing social media giant Facebook of arrogance and saying Dim Dai took one side.

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