Ukraine stressed that Russia “continues to incur heavy losses in weapons, equipment and personnel.”

Ukraine stressed that Russia “continues to incur heavy losses in weapons, equipment and personnel.”
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The Ukrainian Armed Forces confirmed early this Sunday that Russian forces are “disappointed” and “continue to incur heavy losses in weapons, equipment and personnel.”

Specifically, they explained in their daily report that the “invaders” are coming to a direct confrontation with the Ukrainian resistance in “a very low moral and psychological condition”, due to the fact that They became aware of the “real situation”.

The armed forces and units of the Ukrainian security and defense forces are fighting fierce battles to maintain certain borders. The enemy who suffers loss of life and is constantly trying to avoid direct fire with our forces.”The statement says.

The Ukrainian army focused its efforts on repelling enemy missiles and air strikes, as well as air coverage of important targets and groups of Ukrainian forces. 6:00 (local time), Russian forces lost a total of 88 planes and helicopters, according to the letter.

The army of this country is conducting a defensive operation within the areas of operation in the south, east and north “to repel the attack of the occupying forces”, as well as to inflict “maximum losses” and prevent the invasion of new territories.

A surrendered Russian soldier is assisted by Ukrainian civilians who serve him food and hot drinks and allow him to communicate with his family.

Other groups are carrying out a defensive operation in Slobozansky – in the north of the country – and in the eastern part in the direction of Tavria. The armed forces specifically confirmed that they had stopped the “enemy column” that was trying to advance towards the Dnipro region in the center of the country.

In the coastal direction, naval bases and ports in the Black Sea are defended. So, in the Mykolaiv region, It was planned to capture and deploy a large number of enemy vehicles and armored vehicles “He explained the Ukrainian General Staff.

The Ukrainian government reported that Ukrainian soldiers found some of the Kremlin’s catapult pilots and survived, and provided them with medical treatment.

“The enemy is trying not to lose offensive capability, but in the current situation it has huge losses in weapons, equipment and personnel.. “Because of the resistance of the entire Ukrainian people, the enemy is frustrated,” the General Staff of the Armed Forces said.

Recently, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, highlighted the deaths of more than 10,000 enemy soldiers since the beginning of the invasion.Information that Moscow refuses to provide and/or confirm.

Knowing that more attacks and casualties were inevitable, NATO deliberately decided not to close the skies over Ukraine. Today, the NATO leadership has given the green light for further bombing of Ukrainian cities by refusing to create a no-fly zone,” Zelensky explained in a speech from Kyiv.

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