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Marlini Cardona Acevedo, a professor in the School of Accounting, Economics and Management at the University of Manizales, said, noting how women’s participation in scientific writing compares to that of men. Express it in the conversation Flags: Stereotypes, Obstacles and Challenges Organized by the 13th Book Fair of Manizales and the University of Manizales as part of the celebration of 50 years of its experience.

The event was held last Thursday in the main hall of the Cultural University Centro Rogelio Salmona. It was co-authored by Gloria Yaneth Flores Yepes, a professor at the Center for Research in the Environment and Development (CIMAD), under the direction of Laura Sanchez.

Cardona also stated that the duality must be broken from the requirement that reason be masculine and emotion feminine; The challenges are related to breaking the duplication and considering the importance of research that helps to understand the reality.

From left to right: Laura Sanchez, Marlini Cardona Acevedo and Gloria Yaneth Flores Yepes. Photo: Mariana Zapata Correa

For her part, Flores stated that all races must participate in scientific challenges, and that the stakes for research are first to understand that women and men who research and do science feel that they understand each other in the context of territory, and that all contexts scientists must do so from the region and that is The place where women played an important role in science.

He highlighted that in science there is more scholarly writing about men than women, and that this is one of the challenges: making their work visible in scripture from traditional knowledge that has been lost.

The talk also focused on women’s education and how to improve girls’ access to education and science. Gloria Janeth Flores said: “I think it is relevant how we can improve the educational model that we currently have, and that this is one of the biggest challenges and how truly inclusive education would be, education that allows us all to be in that educational process”; He explained that these educational changes should include both girls and boys.

“We have some peculiarities in Colombia that we have to overcome and they are overcome through an education in which reality is built,” added Marlene Cardona, who emphasized that what happens when society is built must be contextualized without being cut off. Building a community in which recreational spaces for work and discipline are formed.

at the end of the conversation, Mediator Laura Sanchez He thanked and honored “researchers who build the country from the results of their research.” Finally, he recommended that the audience read literature and scholarly writing, not only by European authors but also by authors from Latin America.

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