UNAM, the second best university in Latin America; See 5 important facts

The QS World University Rankings ranked the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) Such as secondly best in Latin america. Photo: quartoscuro.

The QS World University Rankings ranked the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) Such as secondly The best home for studies in Latin americabehind the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentina, according to its census of the region.

  • The secondly best position UNAM in Latin america It is determined by this organization which ranks year by year in a sectoral, regional and global manner

Next, 5 important data from the “maximum house of studies”.

Learn 5 important facts about UNAM

1 assets UNAM

The institution that preceded the current UNAM It was the Royal and Papal University of Mexico, at the suggestion of Archbishop Fray Juan de Zumaraga; The construction certificate was issued in 1551. One of the data that should be highlighted is the closure of this institute By Emperor Maximilian in 1865.

2 secondly better Latin america

last year , UNAM Ranked first as the best university in the country, as well as the best university secondly better Latin americaAnd the In addition to being among the top 105 of all time world, according to the same number in the QS World University Rankings.

3 guided tours of the university city

Officials in UNAM share data with visiting groups in the university dormitory (CU), Because a guided tour is performed to discover Buildings and murals in the “Far Home Studies in the Country”; If you are interested in guided tours, sign up for [email protected] or to the mail [email protected].

4 years of independence

In 1945, the university’s president, Alfonso Caso, summoned the university’s constituent Congress to draft the basic law for the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM): The institution was decentralized to the state, giving it legal capacity.

5 Sports at university

The secondly best university in Latin america It has sports representatives in baseball, basketball, rugby, hockey, softball, and American football. One in four people with a PhD in Mexico does so in UNAM.

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