Under the clutches of Venom there will be carnage between criticism and controversy


The Eternals hit theaters. After the weekend after the premiere, we already know the first characters of the new Disney and Marvel movie. Although they are good numbers, they haven’t been able to get past the majority of recent releases and sister movies at UCM. at the international level, Eternals raised $90.7 million. In the United States managed to raise $71 million, which adds up to $167.1 million.

As mentioned diverseEternal’s opening numbers are down a bit compared to other MCU movies like Black Widow ($80.3 million in the US) and Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings ($75.3 million in the US). Also fell below Poison: There will be a massacre ($90 million in the US). Internationally, Venom has raised $395.8 million.

One of the reasons the Eternals haven’t kept up with other MCU movies may have to do with their mixed reviews and controversies. With Rotten Tomatoes score 48%, Eternals is one of the first MCU films to receive a score.corrupt“.

You have to set the record straight.”Dice Jeff Book Analyst Relationships with Exhibitors. “As for any other study, this kind of result would be a huge, great success. But the disturbing news for Disney is the critical reception of “Eternals” and how it will affect word of mouth in the future. We could see a sharp drop in the box office in the second or third weekend“.

Eternals is now in theaters. Spider-Man: No Road Home will be the next MCU movie that will premiere on December 17th. A new poster has just been revealed with loads of details and secrets about the bad guys.

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